Handheld Odor Meter



What is Handheld Odor Meter OMX-TDM used for?

OMX-TDM is used for detecting TVOC in living environments, petrochemical factories and manufacturing plants for organic solvent products.

It detects relative change of odor collectively and converts into numeric value according to the concentration of compounded gas.

The main application is for detecting TVOC in living environment for health hazard prevention of residents such as sick house syndrome.

How to shorten time for warming up?

After 3 minutes since the device turned on, it is possible to start measurement by pushing "ENTER" without waiting 10 minutes.

It needs time for warming up to keep sensor sensitivity stable, it is basically necessary to secure the time for 10 minutes for warming up.

What is the weak point of OMX-TDM?

There are individual variance of sensitivity.

If the same odor is measured with two or more devices, OMX may show the individual variance of sensitivity within a certain range.
However there is repeatability when repeatedly measuring the same odor with one unit.

Therefore we recommend to use the same device for repeated measurements.