Frequently Asked Questions about Handheld Odor Meter

Handheld Odor Meter

Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQ

What is the difference between 3models of Handheld Odor Meter?

Each model has different gas sensitivity.

Please refer to the table below to choose the suitable model for your application.

Model Application Targeting gases
OMX-SRM Household odors, Smell of Lavatory/Pet/Wastewater disposal factory etc. Targeting gases
OMX-ADM Smell from Hospital/Garbage/industrial oil/something putrid etc. Ethanol, Acetone, Hydrogen etc.
OMX-TDM Place under Construction, Smell of painting/Organic solvent etc. TVOC(ex. Toluene)etc.
Can Handheld Odor Meter identify the type of gas contained in the odor?

OMX cannot identify and designate the types of gas.

Please note that the devices basically detect compounded gas only.

Why doesn't Handheld Odor Meter start working as soon as it turned on ?

It needs time for warming up to keep sensor sensitivity stable.

Please refer to the table below for warming up.

To measure odor more accurately, please attach air purifying unit and keep the device on for about 30minutes before use.

Time for warming up

  • ・OMX-SRM…2min
  • ・OMX-ADM…10min
  • ・OMX-TDM…10min
Why doesn't Handheld Odor Meter show value even though there is bad smell in measurement place?

There is no correlation between the indicated value by OMX and human sense of smell.Hence it has possibility that OMX may not show the strength value as you expected.
This is because human nose may have a good sensitivity to some low concentrated gases which OMX cannot detect.

On the contrary, OMX may show the strength value even though human nose cannot feel any odor.
This is the case that OMX detects odorless gas or some other gases which are difficult for human nose to feel.

Is it possible to check whether Handheld Odor Meter OMX is suitable for our application before purchase?

Please inform us your application in detail before purchase, we will advise the recommended model for your application.

Please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

What is the precaution for use?

Do not use or store the device at the place where the following gases exist:

  • ・Extremely concentrated odor
  • ・Cigarette smoke and/or oil mist
  • ・Silicon compound gas included in hair spray, adhesive, and silicon rubber etc.
  • ・High concentrated chloride, acidic substances, corrosive gas, and chlorofluorocarbon etc.
  • ・Water/steam/water vapor
Is it necessary to be calibrated?

Handheld Odor Meter OMX is a simplified monitor to check odor strength collectively, it does not need calibration.

To make the strength value more accurate, we recommend zero-point adjustment instead of calibration for simplified measurement.

How long can Handheld Odor Meter OMX be used continuously?

OMX is not designed to be used for a long time, we recommend not to use more than tens of minutes continuously.

If it's used for a long time continuously, it may effect inner components of the device and may cause the failure.

Is Handheld Odor Meter OMX able to detect the smell of cigarette?

OMX-SRM can be used for detecting smell of cigarette.

However the ingrained cigarette smell in a room is usually low gas concentration and it's difficult to detect by OMX in some cases even though human nose may feel.

Please prevent Handheld Odor Meter OMX from directly suctioning cigarette smoke.
If cigarette smoke goes into the sensor of OMX, it may cause failure.

Please wait until the cigarette smoke completely fall onto the floor, then carefully measure the odor so that the sensor does not suck cigarette smoke.

How to set the zero-point adjustment properly?

Please refer to the following instructions for setting up the zero-point.

1)First of all, check the air purifying unit, suction nozzle or device itself are under clean condition.
※If the strength value does not decrease to zero with air purifying unit attached, it may have problem with above parts.
Please refer to "A11" for checking the device and suction nozzle condition, "A12" for checking air purifying unit condition.

2)Turn on the device under clean air environment where odor or odorless gas are not existed.
If there is no place under such condition, please attach air purifying unit and turn on the device for about 30 minutes.

How to remove odor from inside of Handheld Odor Meter OMX?

If the strength value does not increase during measuring odor, the inside of device may be contaminated or some odor factors may be stayed in the device.

1)To remove odor from inside of the device, turn on the device under clean environment for tens of minutes,or attach air purifying unit and turn on the device for tens of minutes.

2)The strength value may decrease if there are odor factors existed in suction nozzle or replacement filter.
Replace the filter and dry the suction nozzle after washing it with water or alcohol solvent.

3)If the condition does not recover after the step as above and "A12", there may be some other problems inside of the device.
Please feel free to contact us for repair or maintenance.

How to check the condition of air purifying unit?

Activated charcoal in air purifying unit could possibly become the odor factor if it's been exposed to high concentrated gases for a long time.

Please refer to the followings for checking the condition of air purifying unit.

1)Attach air purifying unit and turn on the device. If the strength value shows clearly higher value than the measuring result without air purifying unit.
The strength value doesn't decrease even though the device keeps sucking clean air in for a long time. It's better to replace the activated charcoal.

2)If the strength value doesn't decrease although the device is attached to the air purifying unit. In the case, it is better to replace the activated charcoal.

3)If you feel strong smell by sniffing the activated charcoal directly, it needs to be replaced.

Is measuring result of OMX effected by temperature and humidity changes?

OMX is not effected by temperature and humidity changes in normal living environment.


However it may not measure odor properly if there is change in measuring condition such as using the humidifier during the measurement.

We suggest keeping the measuring condition constantly as much as possible.

How to dilute high concentrated odor/gas?

Please refer to the following instructions.

1)Prepare a gas bag which has outlet for suction nozzle or tube in.
The bag needs to be sealed up and also need enough capacity for sucking air for few minutes by the device.

2)Inject the certain amount of targeting gas in the bag, then dilute with the certain amount of clean air.
( Calculate the amount of targeting gas and clean air before the injection.)

3)Keep the device clean by zero-point adjustment before the measurement.

4)Put suction nozzle in and measure compounded gas in the bag. (Need to wait until measuring value gets stable before recording data.)

5)Remove the device from the gas bag, make sure the numeric value returns to zero point, then turn off the device.

How to measure a small amount of odor/gas sample?

1)Prepare a gas bag.

2)Inject the targeting gas into the gas bag.

3)Set up zero-point adjustment.

4)Put suction nozzle in a gas bag, start measuring odor.Need to wait until measuring value gets stable, then record data.

How to sample odor with gas bag