Handheld Odor Meter



What is OMX-SRM used for?

It's used for measuring odor in various places such as factories, lavatories, hotels, garbage disposal plants, wastewater treatment plants and other places in daily life.

It detects relative change of odor collectively and shows numeric value according to the concentration of compounded gas.

It digitally displays the odor strength level according to the relative change in the odor being measured.

It's suitable for check the effect of deodorization before and after deodorizing, checking the transition of odor strength, and finding the source of odor.

What are the odor strength value and odor classification?

Odor strength value is the numeric value which converted from the concentration of compounded gas using our original calculation.

Odor classification is trend reference value which shows the trend of odor.

Two different gas sensors are installed in OMX-SRM, each output from Sensor A and Sensor B are applied to vertical and a horizontal axis as the following chart,the vector which connects the peaks of each output on the diagonal is the odor strength value, and the angle is odor classification.

According to this mechanism, OMX can't identify the type of gases and the absolute concentration value. OMX is a simplified monitor which detects compounded gas and converts into odor strength value and odor classification.


Why does Handheld Odor Meter OMX-SRM show different strength value and odor classification value even though the measurement object is the same?

The following cases are conceivable.

The zero-point may be changed for each measurement.

Odor strength value and odor classification value are calculated by output of two inner sensors, zero-point is the reference point for each measurement.
If zero-point is changed, output value will be changed as well. Zero-point must be the same as the reference point of each measurement.

Some other gases may exist in the measuring environment.

OMX detects compounded gases. If there are some other gases exist in the measuring environment, OMX may detect other gases, not only target gas.

Component of gases from target sample may be changed.

The smell and gas component from solids and liquid such as coffee may be changed depending on freshness of sample, humidity, temperature, atmosphere of measuring environment, surface area of sample and so on.

Does Handheld Odor Meter OMX-SRM strength value relate to sensory evaluation method?

OMX does not have correlation with sensory evaluation method.Odor strength value is only correlated with the concentration level of the compounded gases.

What is difference between High range and Low range?

Each icon indicates the following range of strength value.High range is from 0 to 999, Low rang is from 0.0 to 99.9.

It is better to use Low range for measuring low concentration gas, and High range for measuring high concentration gas.

Is it possible to detect odor in lavatories?

Some of our customer use OMX-SRM to detect odor in lavatories.

There are various kinds of malodorous components normally exist in the lavatories,OMX-SRM has a good sensitivity on these gases, so that it can be generally recommended model for detecting odor in lavatories.

OMX-SRM is less sensitivity for ammonia gas, if your application is to detect ammonia only, OMX-ADM may be more suitable.

What is the weak point of Handheld Odor Meter OMX-SRM?

OMX-SRM has less sensitivity for specific type of gas, ex. ammonia.

If it is requested to detect ammonia gas only, OMX-SRM is not suitable for this application.However there are cases that bad smell are resulted from several types of gases, not only ammonia, so for most of cases, we recommend OMX-SRM.

However if there are environments where ammonia exists, it's most likely various kinds of malodorous components exist as well, OMX-SRM has a sufficient sensitivity for these gases, so it may use for managing the total odor level.

There are individual variance of sensitivity.

If the same odor is measured with two or more devices, OMX may show the individual variance of sensitivity within a certain range.
However there is repeatability when repeatedly measuring the same odor with one unit.Therefore we recommend to use the same device for repeated measurements.